30th NICS Finds Modest Pay Increases at newspapers


The 30th annual Newspaper Compensation Survey (NICS), which reports on the pay levels and pay practices of newspapers in the US and Canada shows that newspaper industry workers earned a little more this year compared to last year's findings. The average increase in base pay across all reporting newspaper departments was 1.72 percent for base pay compared to those newspapers reporting last year.

The survey details compensation trends in multiple job categories over the last five years. Thus, participating newspapers can see industry trends and compare their own compensation by position to the rest of the industry.

Of the 113 newspaper jobs tracked in the survey, those showing the greatest increase in base salary were National Advertising Sales Rep (10.8%), Copy Editor 2 (7.3%) and Top Information Systems Manager (7.3%). Although there were modest base salary increases in general not all categories saw base salaries grow. Declines were reported in some categories, including,Digital Sales Reps, Creative Design Directors, Internet Product Designers and Inside Classified Sales Reps.

Of the 330 newspapers reporting in this year's survey, 95% were group owned reflecting the continued industry trend toward consolidation. Five percent were independently owned. Newspapers of all sizes were represented among the respondents with good geographic distribution.

The purpose of NICS is to give newspaper managers a means of comparison to learn if your compensation plan is in line with your peers. NICS provides pay ranges, base pay averages and medians as well as total direct compensation and medians - all sorted by circulation and presented in regional breakouts.

Inland can also provide NICS users with custom reports from its big database, with information from approximately one-third of U.S. dailies. NICS is recognized as the most complete and reliable in the industry.

The study is conducted under the auspices of an independent NICS committee made up of industry leaders. Funding for the project is provided through user participation fees provided by the Inland Press Association. All processing of the information is strictly confidential and accessible only to Inland's Manager of Research and Member Services.

Inland has served the newspaper industry with confidential management research for more than 100 years. It is the acknowledged source of standardized industry data in compensation, costs and revenues.

To reserve your spot for the next survey or if you would like more information please contact Karla Zander, manager of research and member services, 847-795-0380.