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A conference for uncertain times in HR


With responsibilities extending throughout a media organization and often into multiple properties, it can seem that being a human resources manager means the job is never done.

Inland’s Human Resources Management Conference, in Chicago May 16 and 17, offers a chance to catch up—on HR best practices, legal and regulatory developments, and, especially, how to deal with the changes hurtling out of Washington, D.C.

• What’s the future of health insurance you can offer employees?
• While enforcement of the white-collar overtime rule under FLSA has been blocked at least temporarily, what does that mean for you compensation policies?
• Will new faces at the NLRB ease the pressure on management—or encourage even more intense union activities?

Inland’s HR Management Conference this spring is the place to find the answers or options to those and other urgent issues HR managers face every day.

The greatest value of Inland’s HR Management Conference, Megan Berg of Pioneer News Group said of the 2016 conference, is “the newspaper-specific information and challenges” discussed. “This is the only place to get information that is industry-specific with regard to HR,” she said.

This conference qualifies for HR Recertification Credits, with registrants issued certificates of attendance.