THE Revenue Conference

All about the Benjamins: THE Revenue Conference THE place to be in April


There’s a good reason “the” is all caps in the name of THE Revenue Conference, says Mike Blinder, whose The Blinder Group is co-sponsoring the April 26 and 27 meeting with Inland.

“This is a chance, maybe the last chance, to meet at a newspaper-specific conference, whether you’re in a big or small marker, whether you’re a weekly or a daily,” Blinder says. While growing revenue from digital will be an important part of the conference, he adds, THE Revenue Conference will return repeatedly to the opportunity to wielding the continuing money-making power of print newspapers.

“We have the street cred we’ve taken centuries to build,” Blinder says. “This conference is all about how to leverage our credibility, leverage our audience and leverage our content.”

THE Revenue Conference will be held at the headquarters of the Austin (Texas) American Statesman, with a program that is all about selling every product, platform and service a newspaper might offer: Print, web and mobile space, social media, digital services, digital video and OTT production, native content, events, niche publications, contests, quizzes and all manner of promotions.

“What makes this program unique is we’re actually going to care about newspapers,” Blinder says. Here are a few program highlights:

Print & digital subscription revenue: Building a program for success

In this session, print and digital executives from Cox Media Group Newspapers demonstrate how they are using a vision for the year 2020 to drive goals. With their focus on product value to grow print revenue and by investing in digital subscription products to grow audiences, CMG Newspapers has built a plan and are now aligning goals to achieve it. This session will share ideas for new print and digital revenue sources, digital products, digital subscription sales, and organizational alignment.   Presented by Bill Nagel: vice president/shared audience, print, and Ann Poe, vice president/shared audience, digital, Cox Media Group Newspapers

Thinking big about digital agencies in a small market

Think digital agencies only work for large companies in large markets? Do you think that your company and your market is too small to successfully launch a digital agency?  Think again. In this session, the director of Paxton Media Group’s digital agency will share how she found the perfect fulfillment partner, her launch strategy, lessons learned in the first two years, and what categories and products are having the most success. Presented by Sara Droke, agency director of Amplified 408 and director of emerging media at WPSD-TV

Digital multi-platform solution-based selling approaches to local SMBs

In this session, BH Media Group’s director of digital revenue traces the newspaper group’s evolution into a full-service, solution-based sales structure, from the sales and development of reps/managers to selling local banners and behavioral-based audience extension campaigns to video, social media and reputation management. Given its mix of publications and digital products, BH Media has developed ways to fit that structure in any size market. The session will feature best practices for selling multi-platform solutions to SMBs in both large and small markets. Presented by Michael Martoccia, director of digital revenue, BH Media Group

Getting to a revenue mix of 50/50 by 2020

To ensure a sustainable business model, newspapers must change their revenue mix from an overreliance on the print revenue. In this session, the president and publisher of The Topeka (Kan.) Capital-Journal discusses how the Morris Publishing Group publication intends to go from a revenue mix of about 80% newspaper and 20% non-core operations to a 50/50 mix by 2020. The key steps: Growing local customer volumes and digital revenue streams; increasing digital reach, relevance and volume; diversifying revenue streams through the launch and acquisition of new ventures. The goal is to capture market share of digital ad and marketing spend, to expand rapidly in events and events services and use data and predictive analytics to drive all parts of the business. Presented by Zach Aherns, president and publisher The Topeka Capital-Journal.

Zach Aherns will return later in THE Revenue Conference to give real life examples of how newspapers—from the largest metros to the smallest community papers—are growing revenue with events, ticketing, niche publications—even a high school newspaper project.

Native advertising: Who’s doing it right?

Content The Works provides print and digital editorial and native advertising for media companies. In this session, its co-founder will show examples from newspapers around the United States who are using native advertising successfully. Presented by Paul Camp, co-founder, Content That Works