2017 Mega-Conference

An award honoring innovation, Mega-style


The first word in the theme for the 2017 Key Executives Mega-Conference is “innovation.” The last word in innovation may well be claimed by the winner of the second annual Mega-Innovation Award on February 24 in Orlando.

At the Mega-Conference with the theme “Innovation & Insight: The Business of Publishing News,” co-sponsors, Inland Press Association, Local Media Association and Southern Newspaper Publishers Association—are honoring innovation in media with the Mega-Innovation Award.

The first Mega-Innovation Award was a three-day-a-week, 12,000-circulation paper in a town north of Atlanta. Publisher Vince Johnson described the Forsyth County News as “a hundred year-old newspaper, but really we’re brand new.”

The newspaper was in very good company: The award finalists were Calkins Media for its extensive OTT initiative, The Oklahoman for its effort to embed a culture of innovation throughout the organization, and A.H. Belo’s Proven Performance Media program that demonstrates the effectiveness of its print advertising.
There is no fee to enter the competition for the Mega-Innovation Award.

Mega-Conference organizers suggest newspapers or multi-property media company that can answer yes to any or all of these questions should try for the prize:
Four finalists will present at the Mega-Conference on February 24, with the winner announced after the presentations.

The deadline for Mega-Innovation Award entries is January 11, 2017. Entry forms—and the complete Mega-Conference program—can be found at www.mega-conference.com.