September 10-12 in Colorado Springs

'Building Your Future' at first-ever joint Annual Meeting


When Inland and the Southern Newspaper Publisher Association hold their first-ever joint Annual Meeting in September, everything will revolve around "Building Your Future" for member newspapers and organizations. 

The Rocky Mountains setting for the joint Annual Meeting in Colorado Springs is an appropriate metaphor for a newspaper industry that at times faces a steep climb-but with the prospect of stunning vistas and room to grow in the future.

Several of the sessions, in fact, explicitly echo the meeting's, "Building" theme as some of the industry's top figures examine the role of structure in achieving success. 

For example, in the session How to Build and Maintain Your Sales Team, Maroon Ventures Managing Partner Charity Huff will showcase the structures and sales strategies that produce a productive sales team and culture, maintain a healthy pipeline of qualified sales professionals-and reach new customers with compelling marketing tactics designed to make them loyal customers to a newspaper brand.

The goal is to show the ways a skilled sales manager can achieve and sustain a competitive edge over the growing number of competitors for local SMB dollars. 

Similarly, at the session entitled The Future of Newsrooms: When Change is Not Enough, Bill Church, senior vice president of news for GateHouse Media, will lead a deep dive into how newsrooms must be organized-or more correctly, re-organized-to meet the challenges of the digital age. 

His presentation takes its starting point from American Society of News Editor surveys showing that despite shrinking staffs, the percentage of supervisors and the overall makeup of newsrooms has changed remarkably little. 

Church's presentation will look at why newspapers need to rethink the way their newsrooms are organized, how to reset newsroom priorities to match resources, and what metrics to consider for changing newsroom staffing. 

Like many of the presenters at the 2017 Annual Convention, Church brings real-life experience to bear on his analysis of newsroom structure. Before taking his present position, he was executive editor of the Sarasota (Fla.) Herald-Tribune and Southeast regional editor for GateHouse. During his time at the Herald-Tribune, the paper won the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting for a project reported in collaboration with the Tampa Bay Times.

2017 Annual meeting Program 

Meeting the Challenge:  The Shifting Nature of Our Business

This session takes a 30,000-foot look at the newspaper industry to orient attendees to the challenges and opportunities of this media environment 

Marketing the Strength of Our Brand

Our audience and advertisers tell us repeatedly that they respect the local newspaper brand, but too many organizations aren't doing enough to capitalize on that strength. This session lays out how newspapers can maximize the return on the decades spent building their brand.

The Future Structures of News Organizations and Community Journalism

In an increasingly crowd-sourcing world, how should newspapers organize their newsrooms, newsgathering processes and engagement with their audience? Learn what's ahead for your organization.

12 Ideas that Drive Revenue

Inland and SNPA keep a laser focus on building revenue opportunities for their members. Expect specific ideas that can be implemented immediately back at your company.

What Newspapers Must Do to Keep Public Notices

The threat to legal requirements that public notices be published in print has never been more dire. Learn what publishers around the nation are facing-and how they are successfully responding to the siege on printed public notices.

Recruiting and Retaining Sales People

Publishers say this is their number one challenge. Learn how newspapers of all sizes are assembling effective sales teams who succeed in selling across all platforms.

Digital Agencies - Where is the Money?

This session is all about what it takes to structure a digital services agency that can thrive in the face of numerous digital-only competitors.

Why Video Is Important

Video allows newspapers to be the disruptor rather than the disrupted in their local markets. See how news organizations are producing engaging content that commands the price legacy broadcasters have enjoyed without serious competition.

Circulation Pricing and Elasticity

When it comes to subscription and single-copy pricing, one size should not fit all in your market. Learn the science behind pricing that maximizes your circulation revenue.

Hot Tech Companies

Meet the startups and re-invented legacy companies that offer tremendous digital revenue potential.

Pay Walls and Digital Subscriptions - Yes or No

A look at the specific factors that go into this still-unsettled debate about access pricing.

Using Data to Understand and Grow Your Business

Big Data isn't just for the Google's or Amazon's of the world-you've got a treasure trove of information right inside your organization. This session shows how to harness the power of data you are already generating.

Efficiency Trends You Need to Know

This session looks beyond the "we've always done it that way" mindset to demonstrate specific ways your organization can be more effective at jobs to be done.