E-publishing provider Tecnavia supplying NewsMemory eEdition services to Digital First Media papers


Tecnavia has reached agreement with Digital First Media to supply its NewsMemory eEdition services to all 27 DFM publications.

The e-publishing provider is implementing its web browser eEdition, iOS and Android apps to the newspaper group.

“We are very excited DFM selected Tecnavia’s NewsMemory eEdition for group-wide implementation,” said Diane Amato, Tecnavia’s vice president of sales and marketing. “DFM undertook a rigorous evaluation process, matching vendor products, customer service, development roadmap and business capabilities with DFM’s requirements. This selection is certainly gratifying and a validation of all the hard work done by Tecnavia development and customer support teams.”

DFM will also use the new Tecnavia Advertising Network to supply digital ads for added revenues. DFM also implemented Tecnavia's AdMemory to deliver electronic tearsheets to advertisers on day of publication.

Back in September, DFM’s Boston Herald went live with Tecnavia eEditions and apps. “We were fortunate to work with the Boston Herald prior to starting this project,” said Amato. “Experience with DFM systems and procedures at the Herald helped us quickly develop an installation model and streamline setups at other DFM publications.”

Burnsville, Minnesota-based Tecnavia was a pioneer in the concept of digital print editions, and now manages more than 2,000 titles and processes over 8 million pages per year.