Don’t miss out. Let your voice be heard!

This one is different.


What would your perfect industry gathering be like?

Would you be surrounded by people who care? Would you play a significant role in the discussion? Would you be exposed to exciting new ideas? Would you come home energized?  Would you be eager for the next gathering?

Introducing Executive Voices, the first Inland sponsored discussion designed for the newspaper industry's top executives. It’s a conference that promises to be all of this and more. A conference where your voice will be heard and diversity of opinion and experience matter.

It all starts with you.

You won't see the usual talking heads at the podium at Executive Voices. In fact, there won't really be a podium. This one is different. Just a simple and robust discussion of the most vexing issues and exciting opportunities for a profitable future. A discussion led by and for people who care. Here are some of the topics to be discussed:

Important Topics. Great Discussions. No Talking Heads

Terry Kroeger

P. J. Browning

Amy Glennon

Jeremy Gilbert

Mark Aldam

Doug Phares

This will be a discussion led by great peer facilitators such as: Terry Kroeger, BH Media; PJ Browning, Evening Post Industries; Amy Glennon, Cox Media Group; Jeremy Gilbert, Washington Post, Mark Aldam, Hearst Newspapers, and Doug Phares, Sandusky Newspapers, Inc., among others.

  • Paywalls. Are paywalls a vital tool to protect our content or do they block our digital growth and profitability?
  • If Not Daily, Then How Often. Daily publication has served newspapers well for a couple hundred years. Is now the time to change?
  • New Revenue. What new business models show promise of filling the revenue gap? What's working? What's not? What new innovations are on the horizon?
  • Future Content: What's It Like. Are there new ways we can present and share content to better engage our audiences? 
  • Digital Media. Why, despite all our best efforts does digital still lag in revenue? How do we profitably grow digital in the future?
  • Culture. How do we recruit and retain the best of the best, especially young talent? 
  • Weathering the Storm. Where is it written that all the news about our industry should be bad? How can we fight perception, better tell our story and take on fake news?

You'll Network & Learn

Build relationships and share ideas at the reception and dinner where Executive Voices participants will enjoy a reception with passed appetizers, followed by a three-course meal with food demonstrations by a top Eataly Chicago chef. Buon appetito! 

Hear New Ideas. See New Faces, New Approaches

Chicago's City Bureau is a fascinating new approach to community journalism. Meet some of the young founders, learn what motivates them, how City Bureau is working and what it could mean for you.

Join the best minds in the business and contribute to a meaningful and inspiring discussion about the future. Participation strictly limited to 60 media company executives. Seats are going fast. More than 500 newspapers are represented already, but...

The discussion will not be complete without you.

Contact Patty Slusher to reserve your place today. Email: or phone 847.795.0380