joint annual meeting

Get the most out of this joint Annual Meeting


The joint Annual Meeting of Inland and the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association that begins Sunday, September 10 is an historic event, the first between two associations with a combined 246 years of service to the newspaper industry.
It's also a unique opportunity to discover how other organizations are creating new revenue streams, to meet startups ready to expand and monetize audience, to network with colleagues old and new, to stretch the imagination, and, not least, to enjoy the hospitable environments provided by Inland, SNPA, The Broadmoor and the Rockies.

Here's a short guide to making the most of the opportunities the joint Annual Meeting affords.

Follow the money

The easiest pointer first. Every joint Annual Meeting session, one way or another, is about making more money for newspapers and media organizations.

There are the obvious sessions, such as YouTube's Uzo Ometu presenting on monetizing video or the session on different ways to set up digital services agencies for success. Most notably will be the Monday morning address from Square co-founder Jim McKelvey detailing his as yet developed project to create a new and seamless micropayment plan to pay content creators of every stripe, from the hometown community paper to Hollywood studios.

But look for revenue opportunities in less obvious places, such as the Sunday afternoon sessions on Marketing the Strength of Our Brand, presented by consultant Bob Provost and engagement specialist Joy Mayer, followed by GateHouse Senior Vice President for News Bill Church speaking on how to structure newsrooms and community journalism for success in this new media environment.

Say hello

The addition of SNPA to this Annual Meeting essentially supersizes the opportunities to meet with similarly situated executives or owners, and exchange notes on what's working or not in their markets. 

You'll find kindred spirits. Like Inland, SNPA is valued by members for its collegial atmosphere and, especially, its bent towards the practical and actionable over the theoretical.

Meet with new folks during the coffee breaks, but also be alert to meeting opportunities at the kind of practical sessions that Inland and SNPA members are likely not to miss, such as the Monday afternoon session on keeping public notices or Sunday afternoon's presentation on generating new revenue in small markets with events and promotions.

Don't forget to Play

Speaking of relaxing networking, Athlon is sponsoring Monday's Evening Event starting at 6 p.m. at Play, located in the lobby level of Broadmoor West. This fun room features opportunities for bowling, foosball, pool and other games. Appetizers and drinks will be served. Conversation will be lively. Mix and mingle.

Meet your future

One don't miss session is The Hot Tech Companies and Innovations That Will Change the Way You Do Business on Monday afternoon.

Greg Osberg, the former president and worldwide publisher of Newsweek and CEO of the parent company of The Philadelphia Inquirer, founded Revlyst in 2013 to be a revenue catalyst that connects newspapers and other media companies with digital startups to accelerate digital revenue growth.

Osberg will facilitate this session showcasing some of those startups, all vetted and ready to help newspapers leverage digital opportunities.
Leave the note-taking to us

Again this year, Inland will be providing all attendees with the Key Takeaways-a one-sheet summary of the most important information-from every session. No need to multitask, just listen attentively, knowing you'll be getting materials to jog your memory back home.