Membership benefits

In partnership, AdCellerant offering free training, Google certifications to Inland member staffs


Inland has established a partnership with AdCellerant that will provide training and Google certifications to employees of Inland Press member organizations. 

AdCellerant, an Inland associate member, is an ad technology and digital marketing managed solutions startup based in Denver.

Inland's partnership with AdCellerant will allow association members to have free access to several Google trainings, including the Academy for Ads—a sort of introduction to using Google AdWord effectively. 

Members will have access to video training modules across a variety of different Google platforms, including AdWords, Google Analytics, Mobile, Video, eCommerce and more. This program provides certification in a digital sales exam and Google's Analytics Academy for more advanced product knowledge.

Through the partnership, Inland member sales representatives will also be able to participate in Project Crossfit, which creates a customized learning path for digital sales based on an assessment of a rep conducted before training starts. 

In addition, Inland members can achieve Google Certifications for their entire organization—for both sales and operations. This will help their employees increase their knowledge of digital sales, generate additional revenue for their organizations, and establish increased credibility in the marketplace. 

Google and AdCellerant will be hosting a webinar on June 28  for Inland Press Association members to outline the Google Certification Program further, along with the additional benefits for association members. It will also provide a walk-through on getting Inland members set up to access the Google material.

AdCellerant, recently earned the new Google Premier Partner badge that distinguishes agencies with a strong track record managing large volumes of AdWords accounts across multiple industries while focusing on client growth.

Steps to getting access to Google training materials and digital sales exam certification.