Inland Key Takeaways

Inland Key Takeaways at the Annual Meeting: The Key Takeaways


Okay, so what are these takeaways? They began as a quick one-sheet summary of the key points made during the many webinars Inland conducts through the year. Think of them as a kind of Cliffs Notes for webinars. 

Yes, and…? Inland Key Takeaways often include 

Relevant bullet points taken from the presentation distilling the ideas and strategies .

And there are often direct quotes from speakers under the subhed He (or she) said it: 

Always, contact information for the speakers is provided for follow-ups. 

So how will this work at the Annual Meeting? An Inland Key Takeaways will be written up for every single session and distributed to all attendees. In effect, Inland will take the notes for each session for you. You’re welcome. 

So Mr. Wisenheimer, do all these Inland Key Takeaways have this kind of tone? You mean breezy, light—yet with salient facts and insights presented in their proper context? Yup.