Inland's 126th Annual Meeting 2011


Download the speaker presentations.

Consumers and Advertisers Have Spoken: Is the Coupons and Deals Craze Here to Stay? [DOWNLOAD] By Ruth Presslaff

Hear All About It: Why Investing in Print Still Makes Sense With Gerould W. Kern, SVP and editor, Chicago Tribune, and Kathleen O'Hara, VP, marketing, Chicago Tribune Power Point Presentation[DOWNLOAD] pdf Presentation[DOWNLOAD]

Tansformational Newspapers in 2011 Guest speakers: Sara Brown, Ph.D and Paul Steinle, co-founders, Valid Sources Inc. Power Point Presentation[DOWNLOAD] pdf Presentation[DOWNLOAD]

Connecting in Sacramento - A Success Story for Monetizing Hyper-Local Content: With Linda Brooks, vice president of human resources, The Sacramento Bee. [DOWNLOAD] Power Point Presentation

How our Broadcast are Making Social Successful: With Jay Small, president, Cordillera Interactive, LLC, St. Paul, Minn. [DOWNLOAD] Power Point Presentation

Digital Subscriptions: Moving the Augusta Chronicle to a Paid Model Online With Alan English, exec. editor, The Augusta Chronicle [DOWNLOAD] Power Point Presentation

4 Important Things to Know About Mobile Content Delivery Platforms With Bill Tallent, CEO, Mercury Intermedia [DOWNLOAD] PDF Presentation

Media is Social: Leveraging Your Mobile Strategy to Create Engagement and Revenue With Paul Wagner, CEO, Forkfly, Portland, Ore. [DOWNLOAD] PDF Presentation

We're All Working for Facebook, Let's Make It Work for Us With Alan Mutter, media industry consultant, San Francisco For information on obtaining Alan's presentation please contact Alan at

Taking Control of Our Brand: The Birmingham News Goes on the Offense With Pam Siddall, president and publisher, The Birmingham News, and Mark Erving, chief brand officer, Big Communications. Click Here for the presentation

Digital Revenue Success: How your Web can be a Profit-First Business With Mel Taylor, Philadelphia, Pa. For information on obtaining Taylor's presentation please contact Taylor at

Driving Revenue From Online and Offline Content in Dallas With Mark Medici, Vp of audience, The Dallas Morning News For information on obtaining Mark's presentation please contact Mark at