Joint Annual Meeting

Innovators head the lineup in Colorado Springs


Jim McKelvey, who co-founded Square around a device that made possible credit card payments with mobile devices, and Jeremy Gilbert, a key figure in The Washington Post's transformation to a digital business model widely admired in the industry, headline a strong joint Annual Meeting program that includes many real-life examples of innovation that are paying off in new revenue generation.

This first-ever joint Annual Meeting of Inland and the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association September 10-12 in Colorado Springs comes at new revenue generation from many different directions: Through brand enhancements, digital services strategies, audience development in print as well as digital, newsroom structure and rigorous benchmarking.

One especially interesting presentation should be McKelvey's. He will reveal details of building an outside-the-box solution to the problem that has bedeviled newspapers from the beginning of the digital era: How to get paid for content that gets posted on the internet.

Code-named The McKelvey Project, the as yet-unbuilt micropayment method is intended to transform the way content creators of all types-from newspapers to Hollywood to television-get paid.

McKelvey is coming to the Annual Meeting with a special offer for attendees: Sign up at no cost for the project, and be considered an initial partner, receiving 100% of all revenue for content paid for through the new method.

Similarly, in his presentation, Jeremy Gilbert, The Post's director of strategic initiatives, will lay out the specifics of how he creates innovative storytelling strategies that leverage the many platforms available to the newspapers that maintain journalistic integrity while attracting advertiser revenue.