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LEAP Media Solutions providing StarTribune with marketing automation and analytics platform


Star Tribune Media Company, publisher of the StarTribune in Minneapolis, has engaged LEAP Media Solutions to engineer, manage and deploy its marketing automation and analytics platform, known as MAAX, to drive its audience initiatives.

“Star Tribune Media Company is widely considered to be among the most innovative, forward-thinking major-metro news organizations in North America,” LEAP Media said in an announcement. 

“Under the leadership of Publisher and CEO Michael Klingensmith, Star Tribune Media has pursued a strategy of revenue diversification which has included continued investment in print; increased consumer revenue; the expansion of ad-driven niche products; and rapid growth in digital marketing services, including its Star Tribune Advantage audience platform.”

LEAP said the “underpinning” of the initiative will be a comprehensive customer intelligence and campaign management platform, integrating the StarTribune’s print and digital data assets with relevant third-party data, including individual demographics and lifestyle behaviors. 

LEAP’s analytics team will leverage the platform to develop a proprietary “Targeted Growth Model” it says is designed to optimize the return on sales investments by calculating the profitability of customers and prospective customers.

Included in the LEAP model will be using those analytics through the design, execution and automation of targeted, multichannel communications to optimize consumer volume and value.

“The StarTribune joins a coalition of nearly 100 newsmedia firms pursuing audience growth through LEAP’s intelligence-driven marketing automation curriculum,” the company said. 

“The coalition’s shared investment in marketing technology, professional services, data acquisition, email/direct mail executions and more makes the economics of intelligent marketing particularly appealing. LEAP leverages these resources on behalf of its coalition partners to enable the optimal implementation of multichannel campaign initiatives based on industry best practices.’