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ProImage debuts NewsWay-X, its new generation of workflow


At the recent Graph Expo 2016 printing industry show, ProImage launched its new generation of workflow—NewsWay-X. 

This latest newspaper workflow by ProImage features a single, integrated user interface to keep all departments informed about operations and their status—offering faster turnaround and increased productivity. 

Because of its HTML5 web client, it can be accessed and provide full control from any computer platform with a browser, making it flexible and transparent to production.

NewsWay-X has an intuitive user interface utilizing a push server to provide real time updates to the web client. ProImage said workflow configuration is “easy and based on simple rules.” In addition, the system provides integrated production planning and imposition tools. As a result, automatic planning is possible by interfacing to editorial, advertising and press control systems.

NewsWay-X is designed with modern newspaper production in mind. New key features enable print operations to fully monitor their production in an unmatched way. The dashboard provides full edition overviews with enhanced status of production progress. A Press View enables a press-oriented view of production by press and production runs all the way to the cylinder level. Thanks to the HTML5 based graphical layout editor, creation of plate layouts is easier than ever. The Live Edition Tree contains production workflow and publication structures and is color coded for easy real time monitoring. In addition, page versions are visually compared and changes are highlighted with the version indicated across all views.

 “We have created a highly flexible solution where workflows can be designed by simple drag-and-drop operation,” said Rick Shafranek, vice president, sales and marketing for ProImage. “This allows the system to meet any publisher’s and printer’s requirement by tailoring it to their needs.”