Selling our unique strength: Audience. The special selling advantage of niche and special sections

Presented by Charity Huff, Managing partner, Maroon Ventures


This webinar is all about leveraging the power of special sections and niche publications that your team may be viewing as just one-off opportunities for sales. Instead, sales management motivator Charity Huff will demonstrate the advantages of selling these products. She’ll show how they can broaden the conversation with your advertiser. Learn how to expand your sales team’s view of how they can sell the audiences of these programs to a more diverse set of advertisers. And she’ll show how special sections and niche products can be the foundation of multi-media campaigns that expose advertisers—and your salespeople—to a unique form of marketing.

Webinars are FREE to Inland members. Members of our co-sponsoring associations get a discounted rate of $15 per webinar. Non-members are welcome to attend at $25 per webinar.