Spotlight on the Solutions Stage


Throughout the Mega-Conference on the Solutions Stage, media industry providers will share real-life results from products and services available right now. Here are the topics that will be presented by these solutions providers, as scheduled as of late November:

How much revenue are you losing due to ad fraud?
Presented by Dev/Con Detect
Given the estimated $8 billion in ad fraud per year, the question for publishers has changed from “Are you losing revenue due to ad fraud?” to “How much revenue are you losing due to ad fraud?” Learn how you can grow revenue by resolving ad tech issues.

Leveraging cross-device opportunities after Hurricane Irma
Presented by Data-Dynamix
The Specifix database offered by Data-Dynamix was leveraged after Hurricane Irma to reach homeowners in three Florida counties who needed assistance with insurance claims. Learn how this database can help your newspaper bring together local businesses and highly-sourced, accurate information on individuals – graphed against their individual device ID, IP address, physical address and opted in email information.

Leverage audiences to drive revenue diversification
Presented by LEAP Media Solutions
Events represent a crucial opportunity for generating non-traditional revenue. Learn about the marketing initiatives used by the Star Tribune Media Company when it debuted its Vacation & Travel Experience, a three-day show for both consumers and travel industry professionals. A robust marketing database platform drove value for advertisers, increased event registration and engagement, and facilitated subscriber marketing opportunities.

Empowering the media company to take their brand and market back
Presented by Recruitology
Hear case studies and examples of how media companies have leveraged best-of-breed recruitment tools and brands to reclaim ownership of their local recruitment advertising markets. Hear how they are growing digital revenue, while delivering results for local employers.

Opportunities for local media to generate new money on current work
Presented by GeoTix
Two case studies will demonstrate how newspapers can offer ticketing services for local organizations in their communities that sponsor events, instead of seing those ticket sales go through national ticket sales providers. Hear how Jacksonville Magazine and Traverse Magazine are expanding existing partnerships and building new relationships that are driving added revenue.

Growing revenue for newspapers through consumer sports magazines
Presented by AMG|Parade
Athlon Sports consumer newsstand annuals can act as an opt-in or opt-out vehicle for newspapers to help increase circulation through new starts, serve as a retention tool and reward their loyalty program readers. Local advertising can also be sold in the Athlon Sports annuals. Create a range of revenue from these opportunities.

Alexa, OTT and mobile apps: Distribute and monetize on all digital platforms
Presented by Whiz Technologies
Consumption habits are changing and your audience is consuming content on a variety of different devices – Amazon, Echo, Alexa, Roku TV, Apple TV, Fire TV and mobile apps. Hear how you can distribute and monetize your content on all these platforms, and even more being rolled out.

Yes, you can—and must—make money from social media accounts
Presented by Friends2Friends
A simple, white-label widget or banner ads will allow you to charge advertisers for streaming their social media on your web pages. It is easy to sell and simple to use. Hear how more than 400 publications in seven countries are driving substantial new revenue.

Auto promotions / events case study: The Seattle Times
Presented by WeHaa
How do newspapers recover lost revenue in the autos market without investing time and valuable resources? Hear how WeHaa and The Seattle Times partnered to pull in dealers’ sales inventory and designed a custom online destination at  WeHaa did the development work, freeing the newspaper reps to focus on selling to local auto dealers. Combining this with several successful auto promotions and branded dealer reports gave the paper real leverage in this competitive segment.

Taking back local advertising with targeted local niche guides
Presented by
The best way to counter any advertising setbacks is to provide advertisers with new and effective solutions to their problems. While the digital advertising landscape may be shifting, local niche guides can help combat this decline and get publishers back on solid ground. Hear about some real-world successes with prebuilt, plug-and-play digital guides that have massive revenue potential.

Subcontracting page, ad and web production
Presented by Design2Pro
Subcontracting page, ad and web design can free publishers from the manufacturing process and allow them to focus resources on audience development, enhanced content and sales generation. During this session, learn how subcontracting this aspect of newspaper production works, the upside and the pitfalls, and how you can evaluate if this is a solution for your newspaper.

Digital transformation
Presented by Vivial
This session will highlight the stories of local businesses, including how their migration to digital marketing has revolutionized their business, increased sales and generated new customer acquisition. See how adding a great marketing platform to your existing product portfolio will provide a way to protect existing revenue, generate new revenue and ultimately rock the digital revolution.

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