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Survey: Newspapers remain the top source for community news and advertising


Local newspapers and their websites and social media outlets are the number one source for community news and advertising, according to a new survey. 

Asked about where they got local news, 40% of those surveyed said they had visited a newspaper-branded website within the past 30 days, compared to 29% for a local TV website, 16% for radio websites and 15% for magazines. 

Newspapers turned up at the top of social media as well, with 32% saying they had looked at a newspaper social media channel, compared to 21% for TV stations, 17% for magazines, and 15% for radio.

Those results held up even among younger news consumers. Among the 305 millenial survey respondents, nearly half—49%—said newspapers did the “best job” providing local news, edging television at 48% and far ahead of radio at 24%.

The survey of 1,000 local media users was commissioned by AMG/Parade and conducted by the research firm Coda Ventures. 

Newspapers were also the best source of advertising, with 47% saying they considered newspapers tops for sales and deals, compared to 32% for TV and 27% for direct mail.

In specific categories, newspapers were ahead of broadcast and direct mail for deals in clothing/accessories (33%), automotive (32%), electronics (31%), groceries (44%), home furnishings (30%), home improvement (35%), lawn and garden (44%), and office supplies (36%).