The Mather Symposium

The Mather Symposium: Not your typical industry conference

Mather Economics and the Inland Press Foundation are teaming up to deliver the 2017 Mather Symposium in Atlanta on October 10-12.


The Symposium, subtitled Audience and Data: The Road to Revenue, will bring together news media leaders from around the world who are facing the same challenges with revenue growth, customer acquisition and retention, and the transition to a digital business model.

They will share innovative ideas and insights, explain strategies and showcase best practices that actually work.

What’s in it for attendees? Mather and Inland say they will leave with tactics that can be implemented right away to increase revenue, grow audience, and manage costs. They learn how media firms—small as well as large organizations—are using data gathered within and across functional areas to make smarter, actionable decisions that drive results.

“This is not a typical conference,” the organizers said in their announcement. “There are no sponsors or vendors, and no trade show or vendor booths. The program is full of interactive discussions and informative presentations and there are plenty of opportunities to network and follow up with fellow attendees and speakers.”

Who should attend The Mather Symposium? The organizers’ answer: Whether your organization is large or small, national or international, multi-platform or digital-only, you’ll find content relevant for media executives at all levels with audience development, advertising and editorial responsibilities, as well as those focused on digital and technology initiatives.

Here are just a few of the topics you’ll find at this year’s Mather Symposium:

  • Digital customer analytics and how media companies are wielding this powerful tool
  • Targeted subscriber acquisition through dynamic offers and an intelligent paywall
  • Advertising campaigns that target local businesses
  • Optimizing audience in a small market: Pricing, churn and budgeting strategies
  • Lessons from companies featuring subscription products and platforms
  • Digital subscription sales: How some media companies are growing them.