Find out how your team feels about you

Your employees can tell you how to increase performance


More than half of your workforce (51 percent) is not engaged and doing the vital work you hired them to do, according to Gallup.

This staggering lack of engagement costs you time and a lot of money - between $450 to $550 billion across all industries according to The Engagement Institute. The lack of employee engagement also keeps your newspaper from outperforming your peers. In fact, companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147 percent in earnings per share according to Gallup.

It doesn't have to be this way.

It is all too easy to blame external forces on poor morale, the leading cause of lack of employee engagement, especially in the newspaper business. However, the truth is you control how your employees feel about their jobs more than any other factor.

No owner, publisher or company leader wants the people they work with to hate coming to work. To the contrary nearly three-quarters of employers (73 percent) say that great corporate culture gives their organizations a competitive edge, according to Culture IQ. Yet, only 15% of employees say they strongly agree that management makes them feel enthusiastic about the future.

Do you know what your employees would say about your organization?

There's a simple, cost-effective way to find out: Inland's Employee Engagement Survey. It turns the best source of information in your workplace - the opinions of employees themselves - into a powerful tool for you to use in your decision-making.

The survey is professionally developed and provides valuable insights into morale issues, encourages candid communications with employees and identifies any workplace issues beyond the obvious ones such as wages and benefits that are festering just below the surface. The survey, developed by an industrial psychologist and newspaper veteran offers you:

  • Valuable insight into morale issues
  • Complete confidentiality, which encourages employee candor
  • Custom questions tailored to your specific workplace situation and concerns
  • Low-cost and easy-to-use online accessibility for your employees
  • Practical data that directly applies to your unique situation and needs 

Gallup's research shows that employees are most likely to be engaged -- and stay with their companies -- when they report that their managers understand them and give them the chance to do what they do best every day. Inland's Employee Engagement Survey gives you and your top managers the information they need to do just that.

The Employee Engagement Survey asks your employees to agree, disagree or be undecided on 61 statements in eight categories in complete confidence employing the anonymity of the web. They will rate your:

  • Work climate
  • Compensation
  • Hours and working conditions
  • Organization, efficiency and productivity
  • Management
  • Supervision
  • Satisfaction with job and company
  • Training and development
  • This completely confidential approach assures that you get honest, accurate assessments that most employees and their managers find difficult to talk about in person.
  • Gallup, which has studied workplace engagement for decades has found a combination of three factors that drive workplace engagement:
  • Job tenure of 10 years or more
  • They are engaged in their work
  • Their roles are well suited to their talents and management's expectations for them

Inland members report that employee retention and recruitment of talented new employees are two of their biggest headaches. If this is true for your organization the Employee Engagement Survey will help.

The cost is low. Set-up is easy. The benefits to you and your organization are great.

For Inland members, EES is available for $200, plus $10 per employee survey form processed. For non-members, the fee is $250 plus $15 for each form processed. Discounts are available for newspapers that perform the survey annually, and those groups with three or more newspapers participating.

You can view a sample survey here:,7992.

For more information, call Karla Zander, manager of research and member services, 847-795-0380 or email